How To Find Great Tutorials Online

Jun 28

Everyone benefits from extra coaching when learning a new skill or perfecting a technique. Conducting a web search will quickly find tutorials on any subject, but to save time and effort, here is a selection of the most popular.

1. English –

Weekly interactive lessons for overseas students and those at home. This streamlined tutorial has easy to understand modules that clearly explain the complexities of grammar, prepositions, clauses, pronouns and verb tenses. Also includes simple tests to improve and enhance your vocabulary and enjoyment of reading.

2. Mathematics –

This closely follows the national curriculum and provides tutorials in short, online extracts that will identify the weak spots in your mathematical knowledge. Any age group, including adults, can master quadratic equations, trigonometry, square root, long division, volume and much more.

3. Geography –

This tutorial puts the fun back in to geography lessons with interactive maps that help you explore the whole world. Discover the differences between the polar regions, the tundra and tropics while you enjoy identifying mountain ranges, deserts and oceans. Ideal if you want to travel.

4. Physics –

An easy to follow collection of lessons that investigate the forces that control gravity, momentum and relativity. An online facility also encourages students to understand how theories such as electrical and magnetic fields can be put to a practical use.

5. Games –

Not all games are frantic shoot ’em ups. This features a section on puzzle solving with Sudoku and Rubik’s Cube amongst others. Also includes expert tips on how to play challenging games of strategy and skill with ease.

6. Miscellaneous –

Search for any subject that interests you including law, history and music. Interactive online tuition in an exclusive one to one format with qualified tutors at a time to suit you. Includes downloadable documents to enhance your learning experience.